Monday, 23 January 2012


I've just found out that the new Minecraft patch (1.1) has come out! A few friends and I run a private server and we've just fired it back up for this patch. There are some pretty cool new additions that were pushed out with this latest update. 

Check 'em out below (from the Minecraft Wiki):
  • Bows are now enchantable, with four new enchantments specific to bows: Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame.
  • Arrows which are on fire now set entities they hit on fire.
  • Golden Apple recipe changed to use gold nuggets instead of gold blocks.
  • Golden Apples now fill 4 hunger rather than 10 and cause regeneration for 4 seconds rather than 30.
  • 56 new language translations, including fictional ones such as Pirate, Klingon, and Quenya.
  • Infrastructure for improved mob AI added, allowing for more complicated behavior than before. These behaviors themselves have not been implemented yet.
  • Slightly smoothed color transitions between Biomes.
  • Swamp land and water colors now smoothly transition to other biomes.
  • Re-added beaches.
  • Taiga biomes now contain snow and ice.
  • Decreased randomness of enchantment levels at Enchantment Tables.
  • Biomes are slightly more varied, with differing elevations of land in previously flat biomes.
  • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds from 30.
  • Added Spawn Eggs to Creative Mode.
  • Added a world type option (available types: Superflat and Default).
  • Removed collision box from Ladders.
  • Sheep eat Grass (converting it to Dirt) and Tall Grass to regain their Wool.
  • Sheep only drop 1-3 wool per shearing.
  • The collision box on Fence Gates now matches that of Fences instead of being square.
  • Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
  • Leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping Red Apples.
  • Blacksmith buildings in NPC Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as Strongholds
  • Void fog removed in creative mode.
  • Melons and Pumpkins can now grow on Dirt, instead of only on Farmland.

    This is only a short list of what has been updated, so check out the Wiki for more in depth stuff.

    I'll be posting more and more screenshots of our map once I get it upgraded to 1.1!

    Keep on digging!


  1. But it's still just about building things? :p

  2. mmm agreed .. is there a single player or something?

  3. There's a single player mode for minecraft, yeah. And it IS still about building things I guess, if you wanna boil it down so simply, but they DID add a 'final boss' and an ending sequence, so there's a little more to it than just playing blocks with yourself now.

    I mean, I dunno about you guys, but I'm kinda excited about this haha.

  4. thanks for the info! this game looks great!

  5. i love it, right now just playing creation mode and using it as a giant LEGO set

  6. I need my OS fixed soon. I want to get in on Minecraft

  7. I feel so out of date, having never played Minecraft. Please forgive me!

  8. Is this the game the Notched Pickaxe in Skyrim is a tribute for?

  9. Been playing a lot with my friends on our private server. Wish they'd fix the fence glitch though.

  10. I haven't played Minecraft in so long.

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