Sunday, 5 February 2012

Well now, there goes another.

So BTJunkie was shut down. These are indeed dark times on the interwebs. I really hope people start to notice that their favorite websites are now in jeopardy of being shut down illegally.

Lucky for us, Wikipedia has a great link of alternative search engines one can use if one did require to do so. Not that I encourage this kind of thing.

I do feel that with more and more restrictions coming into place people will find away around them and even possibly move off of the Internet as we know it today and onto these meshnets I've been hearing about. It's just a matter of time.


  1. Yeah I don't think it will take too ling before there are new better ways of doing this.

  2. I'm of the same mindset. Humanity has ways of evolving tools that can adapt to this ever changing situation.

  3. thats shocking eh
    not quite the same out cry as mupload

  4. BTJunkie was one of many similar sites, but it was probably the most efficient.

  5. I'm hoping that that meshnet that people are making goes up soon enough.

  6. Sad to see these things going on and yet most people have no clue.
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